Korean Drama Quotes: Witch's Romance Eps. 1

Witch’s Romance

This drama is about two people who each have scars from past relationships, and the way their romance with each other heals those wounds.
Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) is a single 33-year-old woman. She works as a reporter and is very enthusiastic about her work. So much so that she is often called a “witch” at work. She doesn’t believe in true love, because of her past experience when her boyfriend disappeared prior to their wedding.
Meanwhile, Yoon Dong Ha (Park Seo Joon) is a 25-year-old young man who runs a small errand center with his friend. The errand center will do pretty much anything including sending out someone dressed as Santa Claus or provide security for an idol star. He looks like a happy guy, but he lost his girlfriend by an accident.
And this is some quotes from this drama :
Episode 1:


For the past 39 years, I sprinted while just looking ahead. I came here without losing the lead even once. But now that I look back, a man who’s following me is a Spring Santa Claus, who doesn’t even exist in reality. No, I will never stop! I can be ahead of other, only if I run until I’m out of breath

-Selama 39 tahun aku hidup, aku berlari sambil mataku melihat kedepan. Aku seperti ini karena aku tidak pernah kehilangan tujuanku sama sekali. Tapi sekarang ketika aku melihat kebelakang, seorang pria mengikutiku, seorang Santa Claus musim semi yang tidak pernah ada pada kenyataan. Tidak, aku tidak akan pernah berhenti! Aku bisa berada di depan orang lain, hanya kalau aku berlari sampai aku kehabisan nafasku- (Ban Ji Yeon)

What’s wrong with a Witch? It’s better than Snow White who only depends on other and causes a nuisance. An often-independent Witch is 100 times better.

-Apa yang salah dengan penyihir? Itu lebih baik dari pada Putri Salju yang hanya bergantung pada orang lain dan menyusahkan orang. Kemandirian seorang penyihir jauh 100 kali lebih baik- (Ban Ji Yeon)


You’re the woman I’ve been dreaming of.
-Kamu adalah wanita yang telah aku impikan- (Yong Soo Chul)

Today is March 15th. Starting 6 years ago, March 15th has always been my life’s bad day. But starting today, that might change. If I were to now. Close my eyes.
-Hari ini 15 Maret. Sejak 6 tahun lalu, di hidupku 15 Maret selalu menjadi hari yang buruk. Tapi mulai hari ini, itu mungkin berubah. Jika aku melakukannya sekarang. Menutup mataku. (Ban Ji Yeon)

Today is March 15th. In my life, March 15th is always a nightmare.
      -Hari ini 15 Maret. Di hidupku, 15 Maret selalu menjadi mimpi buruk- (Ban Ji Yeon)


You’re such a strange woman. If I stay with you, I keep on getting in trouble.
-Kau seorang wanita yang aneh. Jika aku tetap bersamamu, aku terus mendapat masalah- (Yoon Dong Ha)


Today is March 15th. Is this really a nightmare?
-Hari ini 15 Maret. Apakah ini benar benar mimpi buruk?- (Ban Ji Yeon)

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